Find car insurance quotes in New York, NY

If you propose to drive on any public road, the Financial Responsibility Laws for New York State mandate that you carry a minimum amount of coverage. Unlike some other states which provide options, this requires you to buy an insurance policy (out-of-state policies are not enough). This applies no matter where you might be resident and what your local laws may be. The state of New York requires you to buy insurance for not less than 25/50/10. The state is no-fault, i.e. your own insurer pays for your medical treatment or repairs to your property. Against the liability for medical expenses, you must carry $25,000 to pay for the treatment, $50,000 for death. The amount of $10,000 must be available to pay for the repair or replacement of property. The law requires the insurance cover to be in place so long as you continue to own the vehicle. The fact it is off the road and not being driven is irrelevant.

The cost of medical treatment and of the labor to do vehicle repairs has been rising fast. The minimum mandated amounts can quickly be used up. You should therefore get car insurance quotes covering a range of financial options to explore what gives the best protection at a price you can afford. Whatever policy you buy, ensure your insurer files an electronic certificate of insurance with the DMV. You need two cards from your insurer, one of which you keep in your vehicle. The other must be delivered to the DMV within 45 days. Car insurance quotes n New York, New York need to be carefully considered. Use this specialist site to get the best results.

Keep yourself legal on the road in New York

Jul 12, 2013

Car insurance quotes in New York, New York must comply with the law. Failure to do so results in penalties. Ensure your car insurance quotes keep you legal

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